"Barley and Belle's 'Emotional Baggage Handling Service' has been a wonderful addition to the Art Car Boot Fair over the past 3 years, adeptly and joyfully handling the emotional baggage of many of our visitors and booters alike! To be recommended" (Karen Ashton, curator and producer of the Art Car Boot Fair)

Wednesday, 30 June 2004

It's not too late!

Did you know that When Belle + I started the 'Emotional Baggage Handling Service' in 2004 the name of our venture was "It's not too late"

Our first outing was in 2004 at Glastonbury Festival, and we handled all kinds of baggage that weekend. A few people reclaimed their baggage, which we don't usually recommend, but on our luggage label receipts we do give the option. Otherwise the baggage is safely packed and secured in our towing trailer and destroyed after 28 days.

Our favorite moment for the weekend was when 2 ladies passed by, pointed at the sign and said
"Oh look, it's not too latte!" and strolled over, leaned on 'Comforts' booth and asked for 2 cappuchinos!

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